Cupping Massage

This session is perfect for ultimate relaxation, pain relief, and postural realignment. There are many misconceptions about Cupping Therapy, but here we focus on the effect suction has on the connective tissue which wraps all muscles, joints, and bones in the body. 

With the combination of deep-tissue massage techniques and cupping therapy, your practitioner is able to both compress and pull on the tissues, and is often able to allow the more stubborn areas of the body to release in less time, and with less discomfort than other fascia-focused techniques.

Therapeutic MASSAGE

For those who aren’t interested in Cupping, or who can’t receive it for health reasons, we offer Therapeutic Deep-Tissue massage as well. 

Deep-tissue doesn’t always mean “deep pressure” – Ranging from light to deep pressure, your therapist will use varied techniques, focusing on the deeper layers of the muscles and fascia to provide better range of motion, decreased soreness, and relief from pain. 

No matter what type of pain you’re in, we’ve been able to help a wide range of clients feel their absolute best. 

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