The Initial Visit

When you book an Initial Visit with us, you will receive:

  • In-depth consultation – We want to get to know all about your needs, pain patterns, and really dive deep so we know from the get-go exactly what you need from us, as well as find out what style of Massage will be best for you. Not everyone receives Cupping from us!
  • Preliminary bodywork – We will assess and provide initial relief for the area of focus. We’re really thorough, so 60 minutes is good for one area, and 90 is generally good for two. You’ll be able to select how many focus areas you want worked on when you book.
  • A game plan – Once you’ve felt what we do, you’ll be able to tell if it will work for you. From there, we carve out a plan to achieve your specific goals, and make them last! (That’s the important part.)
All new clients must book an initial visit, even if you don’t have a specific problem area – we all have goals, and we want to take the time to honor your individual needs, and have the time to get to know you. Trust us, it’ll help you relax more if we have a conversation first.

Initial Visits range in pricing depending on the level of practitioner you’ve chosen to work with, and how many problem areas you’d like them to address. Pricing starts from $125 for your first session. Click the “Book Now” link below to see all pricing options for each type of visit.

Bodywork Styles offered

All sessions at Boulder Cupping Therapy are completely customized, so we do not have different sessions for “Swedish” vs “Sports” massage styles. After completing the Initial Visit, however, we do allow you to decide between “Deep Tissue” or “Cupping Massage.” The difference is simply if we add Cups on or not.

Deep Tissue – doesn’t mean deep pressure. All it means is that we utilize techniques which allow us to access and release the deeper and more stubborn layers of tissue. Our therapists provide varying depths of pressure and are all trained in a multitude of techniques such as:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy (working with how the brain communicates with your muscles)
  • Sports Massage (specific techniques for sports injuries as well as benefitting pre- and post-event times of your athletic journey)
  • Myofascial Therapy (working with the connection of muscles and fascia, the tissue which connects each cell, tissue, and organ of your body)
  • Trigger Point Therapy (systematically releasing the stuck “knots” in your tissue which can cause widespread pain – this is more than just pushing on the knots!)
  • Energy work (working with the psycho-somatic aspect of your body, emotions, and energetic trauma. Each therapist has skills in different modalities, from CranioSacral, Core Synchronism, Reflexology, Reiki, Shiastu, and more.)
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Massage (Working with the pregnant and new Mama’s body, and the many changes it endures. Note, Pregnant clients will not receive Cupping if they have not had regular Cupping prior to becoming pregnant.)

         If you have specific needs, please look at our different practitioners – we’re all different and have great skills to offer!


Sometimes you need a little more than a regular massage can offer. We have lots of different opportunities to enhance your session to provide even more lasting benefits. The best part? As lovers of the spa-feel, we offer amazing upgrades which feel like fancy spa treatments, but are actually helping your chronic pain disappear more easily.

All sessions include complimentary & customized Essential Oil Therapy and hot towels, but you can also add any of the upgrades below.

Optional Add-ons include:

Hot Stones – for a target area or the whole body, these handmade stones feel incredible, and actually help those stubborn knots melt away much easier. From warm to super hot, we can customize temperature so that it’s perfect for you.

Divine Foot Treatment – perfect for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and ankle problems, this treatment combines a luxurious peppermint foot cream, hot towels, and hot stones to allow your tired tootsies to get the attention they deserve.

Epic Pain Relief Balm – this herbal pain relief salve is made locally, and is great at sending pain far far away! Add to any focus area, and customize with different formulations, from serious pain relief to relaxation and tension control.

Facial Cupping – If you suffer from temporal headaches, TMJ Disorder, or chronic sinus issues, facial cupping is sure to be new your favorite experience. Application of a warm towel allows your facial muscles to relax, pores to open, and airways to gain freedom. Application of a botanical serum allows small glass facial cups to glide over sore muscles and gently open the many bones in your face. We use extra special cups for this treatment, so you definitely wont be left with any marks on your face – only gloriously soft skin and new-found freedom in your jaw and breathing ability.

You can add any of these upgrades upon booking, or last-minute when you arrive for your session

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