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I love this place so much! David is amazing and has helped me get to a much better place with managing my chronic health problems.

Lydia T.

The cupping massage was the best and weirdest feeling ever. Definitely worth trying. Gretchen focused on my trouble areas and found knots I didn't know were there. Also, she is focused on solving the problem, not just making it feel better. I will be back and would definitely recommend!

Andy D.

I am blown away! They worked out pain in my shoulders and back that I’ve learned to live with for YEARS! I will be a regular as I can honestly say my quality of life has improved from that one session. I highly recommend this gem of a place!

Beth W.

I would highly recommend Boulder Cupping Therapy to anyone! I was experiencing numbness in my arm for almost a year. After a few visits my issues have largely been resolved and I believe I will be able to avoid the injections my doctor was recommending.

Brian W.

Meet the makers of movement

Gretchen Popp - Master Practitioner & Owner

David Packert - Advanced Practitioner

Krista Opocensky - Advanced Practitioner

Maia Delmazo - Licensed Practitioner

The word around town....

The relief I have already felt through receiving these services is incredible, something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

Amy A.

They pay great attention to specific problems underlying larger arrays of symptoms, and are persistent in finding new treatments for issues as they arise.

Devin K.

Don’t wait, don’t think about it for 6 months (like I did) just schedule an appointment and start feeling amazing.

Molly R.

I have been relieved of headaches, back and rib pain and sciatica. I will be forever grateful for the therapy services they provide.

Genavieve L.

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It's good stuff...

I was referred here by a friend and all I can say is I wish I had booked with them sooner! This is by far the best bodywork I have ever received. I can’t say enough good things about this place.

Marika D.

Seriously thank goodness for Gretchen. I had a serious back injury and Gretchen is the person I trust most to help me with it. She’s so holistic and thoughtful in her approach, and I can always feel a difference after I see her. Cannot recommend her enough!!

Rose B.

I had the best experience at Boulder Cupping Therapy. It was a very relaxing and calming experience. I felt much better, a lot less pain in my back after my session with them and I highly recommend going here if you have any body pains/aches.

Ayden S.

All practitioners are different and all great in their own way. Clean and organized. Therapeutic and relaxing. Such a wonderful experience every time I go.

Cassie S.