The Three People Pain Fears Most...

Advanced Practitioners

Advanced practitioners have been a part of our team for two years or more, and have shown an expert-level ability to enhance the lives of their clients. They have advanced their education far beyond the requirements the state of Colorado sets, in addition to mastering the unique style of Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy we practice here.

Deep Tissue Pricing:

60 Min – $95   90Min – $143   2hr – $195

Cupping Massage Pricing:

60 Min – $105   90Min – $158   2hr – $215

David Packert

David became fascinated with the possibilities of massage therapy at a young age. After witnessing injuries in family members, and experiencing them himself, he never seemed to quite get the care that he needed from other alternative therapies. As a very athletic child growing up in the mountains, David was an avid swimmer, hockey player, and snowboarder, and unavoidably experienced the many complications of being so awesome. During his time in undergraduate school studying art, he was mesmerized by anatomy and decided to learn more about it. In becoming a massage therapist, he has found ways of connecting with people on a more personal level than other therapies have time for, which he finds to be the major core of why he loves what he does. He holds advanced training in Core Synchronism, Reiki, and Quantum Cranial, which allow him to connect more energetically with his clients, and yield even more lasting results.

Annette Sibert

Annette has a passion for witnessing the results from working with her clients, and especially enjoys working with those who are invested in their health and well-being. By working with those who are willing to take bodywork, stretching, and self-care seriously, she is able to witness the most improvement within her clients, which is what drives her passion for bodywork. Her intuitive touch combined with her thirst for understanding the body's natural movement mechanisms helps her get to the root of troublesome areas easily. She is no newbie to surgery recovery either! Her enjoyment of snowboarding has led to firsthand experience of recovering from a serious crash - but this only allows her to connect with her thrill-seeking clients even better.

Master Practitioners

Master Practitioners have been practicing Massage Therapy for over 10 years, and have surpassed 10,000 hours of professional hands-on massage time. In addition to Massage experience, we require that our Master Practitioners are able to exceed expectations by way of providing additional Wellness modalities for their clients. Our current Master Practitioner is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist, and is capable of helping you achieve higher goals with each session by utilizing this additional knowledge and experience, far beyond what Massage and Cupping Therapy can provide alone. She is also the creator of the style of Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy we practice here, and currently teaches this modality to many students internationally.

Deep Tissue Pricing:

60 Min – $110   90Min – $165   2hr – $225

Cupping Massage Pricing:

60 Min – $120   90Min – $180   2hr – $245

Gretchen Popp

Gretchen has been massaging for decades, literally beginning with being tricked into massaging her mother's scalp on movie nights (the agreement was that she'd get a foot massage at the same time, but that never happened.) She's always had a knack for knowing where the good-hurt spots can be found, and has always known she would end up in this industry. In her younger years she was a competitive dancer, and has experience with aerial dance and the injuries that are sustained from repetitive and demanding movements. She loves working with people who push their bodies to the extreme, are dedicated to their passion, and wont let an injury set them back - meaning they're willing to go the distance with taking care of themselves. Her clients especially appreciate her fluid style of bodywork which allows her to sneak-in Physical Therapy style treatment work, as well as her additional training as a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritionist, which allows her to add more valuable healing advice to all of her sessions.