Learn how to confidently treat
chronic pain with advanced
Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy!


This 10-week Advanced course is designed to allow you to confidently apply Cupping Therapy to resolve your client’s most stubborn pain patterns. 

This course includes:

  • Access to the Mastermind Group on Facebook, where we all meet together and brainstorm with like-minded, advanced Cupping Therapy practitioners.
  • Weekly Modules delivered – We go through Anatomy, Assessments, and Cupping Applications for each area of the body.
  • Comprehensive printable workbook so you can reference on-the-go!
  • LIVE Technique / Business / Communication classes weekly within the group – even after the 10-weeks are complete!
  • LIVE Zoom calls to ask about specific needs for each module – Get a body on the table and get some practice while I demonstrate some tricks!
  • Lifetime access to all material, even when the “pilot” runs are over and the course is professionally-filmed – you’ll get access to that too!

Upon Completion of this Course, you will:


  • Be able to provide highly advanced Cupping Therapy Protocols, and communicate with your clients in a way that gets them excited and happy to be active participants in this therapy.
  • Get Retroactive CE credits from NCBTMB (pending approval)
  • Be invited to a graduates-only healing & Advanced Certification retreat
  • Be added to a directory of Practitioners, so you can be a part of our growing referral network

Hear the love from my current students (your future mentors!)

"Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy has ben a huge tool for me, and the way Gretchen teaches has been fantastic. She gets so in-depth with the course, absolutely love the live demos."
Sarah H.
Current Student
"I literally can't believe how lucky we are to be able to learn this from a brilliant mind. I count myself so blessed to have found Gretchen and this course."
Hailey O.
Current Student
"This class is AMAZING! Gretchen has a great way of teaching! This is already WAY better, more in-depth and really makes more sense than the first Cupping class I took. I couldn't believe how much I learned in just the first couple of weeks."
Jennifer W.
Current Student
"Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy is the most comprehensive Cupping training I've found. If you care about sanitation procedures, thorough intakes, making your clients feel comfortable and providing transformative bodywork while saving your hands, you will regret not looking further into this modality!"
Amber J.
Current Student

Course Outline

Each week has: A thorough anatomy & Theory Lecture, An Assessments Demonstration, A Cupping Applications Demonstration, A LIVE technique / communication / business strategy talk on the Facebook group, and a LIVE Zoom Call to go over specific questions 

Week 1 – Applications, Communication, Cleaning, Contraindications (Basically all the basic stuff!)

Week 2 – Scapular Positioning 

Week 3 – Rotator Cuff

Week 4 – Head, Neck & Jaw

Week 5 – Arm, Elbow & Wrist

Week 6 – Low Back Pain

Week 7 – Abdomen, Hip Flexors & Adductors

Week 8 – Sciatica

Week 9 – Knee Pain

Week 10 – Lower Leg & Foot

This course is designed to build upon each week, so that you can confidently approach each part of the body, no matter what your specialty is!

Enrollment is now closed! Stay tuned for the next launch!