Initial Visits - where the magic begins

Want to know more before deciding? We're happy to share!

People seek us out because they’ve got a specific pain pattern and are looking for lasting relief. Good thing is, that’s our specialty! In order to meet your needs best, we need to get to know what you actually want! For all new clients, we have specialized sessions to make sure we’re able to do this for you.

In an initial visit with us includes:

 – In-depth consultation – we want to get to know all about your needs, pain patterns, and really dive deep so we know from the get-go exactly what you need from us.
– Preliminary bodywork to assess and provide initial relief for the area of focus. We’re really thorough, so 60 minutes is good for one area, and 90 is generally good for two.
 – Form a game plan. Once you’ve felt what we do, you’ll be able to tell if it will work for you. From there, we carve out a plan to achieve your specific goals, and make them last! (That’s the important part.)

We are a team of practitioners with varying levels of experience and education, so we have pricing levels to reflect this. Rest assured, we only hire the most talented therapists with unquenchable thirsts for knowledge – every session, regardless of experience, is of the highest quality.

Initial visit pricing levels

Pricing is listed in order of bodywork time included in the visit (60min / 90min)
30 minutes of consultation is included in pricing, in addition to our in-session enhancements like hot towels & arnica treatment.

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