Deep-Tissue & Cupping Massage

Chronic pain doesn’t stand a chance with our unique blend of Cupping & Massage Therapy – seriously.

Clients love us because we eliminate the most stubborn pain from their bodies, but we’re also nice about it – our clinic hosts some of the best Massage Therapists in Boulder. We have this sneaky way of getting to those trouble spots while you relax.

The time is over for cookie-cutter massage. We’re on a mission to deliver dependable bodywork that actually solves problems, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Will it work for you? Consider the results our clients have reported:

– Postural pain becoming non-existent!
 – Improving athletic ability and breaking personal records faster than ever before!
 – Avoidance of scheduled surgery – yes, seriously.
– Faster recovery from surgery (Hey, we can’t stop them all)
 – Increased flexibility and mobility – especially in areas of old surgeries
 – Getting back into athletic activities they thought were over!

So, how do we make this magic happen? It all comes down to the Initial Visit


The people chronic pain fears most of all...

Pain-Buster Extraordinaire

Gretchen built this business with one goal - help people be free of pain while making them think they're having a blissful spa experience. It seems to be working!

Muscle-Knot Liberator

This guy is David. He's got a way with muscles from his 17 years experience in the field which makes us wonder... is he a muscle whisperer?

Relief Acheivement Specialist

Krista's tough stuff when it comes to resolving your pain patterns. Trained in multiple modalities and approaches to relief, she'll get you fixed-up in no time!

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Neuromuscular Hypnotist

Lisa's experience resolving stubborn pain, combined with the treatment skills of a muscle ninja, allow her to hypnotize the body into a pain-free state of relaxation!

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professional Tension regulator

Katie's the kind of practitioner you want on your team when you're simply not going to mess around with that pain anymore. She's here to help you kick it to the curb... for good!

Bragging Rights


We are the proud home of the leading training in Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy, training highly-skilled practitioners internationally!

Over 150 5-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

2018 WINNER – Best Of Boulder East County – Best Independent Business (come on in and see our pretty award certificate!)

Featured in VoyageDenver‘s “Hidden Gems” Series – September 2019

Featured on FOX 31 Denver – March 2020

Interviewed on Slacker & Steve “Creative Businesses” – April 2020